Wave Entertainment, the parent company of the Kadooment band Aura
Experience was first established in 2016 by a young ambitious group of like-
minded entertainment professionals. To support our growth, Wave Entertainment
is led by our CEO and business consultant, Mr. Lloyd Brathwaite, a successful
entrepreneur with 40+ years directing and managing Trans-Tech Inc., a local
automotive and transmission repair company. The company vision is driven by
our Marketing Director, Mr. Rorrey Fenty, who has a wealth of knowledge in
event management and planning on both the local and international stages. The
company is further supported by a 10- person strong management team, more
commonly known as the “A-Team” that draws on the diverse expertise of the
team members, which have over 20 years of advertising and promotion; festival
logistics; management; accounting and VIP services.

Jarrod Elias Director/Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Austin Lead Designer and Creative Consultant
Christopher Hassell General Manager
Ashlee Haynes Marketing Manager
Christopher Barnett Events and Logistics Manager
Simonne Coppin Assistant Band House Manager
Amanda Parris Assistant Band House Manager
Karlos Yearwood Talent Manager
Joseph Laflouf Road Manager
Rommel Coppin Bar Manager